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vrijdag 10 maart 2017

The Share Cup in San Roque!

28 September 2016 "So How About Retiring Early" was one of our questions to Hans and Marco, two of our very dear friends from the years we studied Hotel Management in Maastricht. They love to come out to San Roque to play a couple rounds of golf. This year we thought it would be good to raise the stakes. We introduced the Share Cup. We pimped a nespresso shaker that was already in our cupboard. With the clear intention of replacing it back into our cupboard when the battles were over. We played a couple of practise rounds and a final 36 hole match.  It was obvious that Irene and I had the home advantage. But still, Hans and Marco put up a fierce competition. These guys are not to be underestimated! it was a close call. Beside the golf we also had a great time, looking forward to your next visit. Thanks guys, best of luck for our 2017 event. Happy to pass it on, it's all about sharing ;-)

The Share Cup for next year's winner!