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vrijdag 10 maart 2017

Swimming Green Iguana in Trellis Bay

January 26 2017 Before moving to Trellis Bay we stayed in Nanny Cay Marina to visit our Yacht broker Chris. We also had some small repairs done to the gelcoat. After that we did some provisioning in Road Harbour and moved on to Trellis Bay. There we had an encounter with a swimming green iguana. Was the first time we saw an iguana in the water. Apparently he had been in the dinghy of a chartered bareboat. The moment he was spotted, the crew tossed him/her out of the dinghy and into the water. He took a swim and grabbed hold of the next dinghy! With his very long toes/claws(?) and powerful tail it was a piece of cake to climb out of the water and relax on top of the tube. The owners came out to take a picture and say hi. A little while later they drove the dinghy to the beach with the iguana still on the tube and gave him/her a lift back ashore.