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vrijdag 10 maart 2017

Batteries and Christmas in Martinique

December 2016 Travelling to Le Marin in Martinique we made short stops in Guadeloupe and Dominica. We were a bit in a hurry since we had to replace our almost 8 year old batteries. Two of the three had already passed away. Tilikum in Le Marin had the new ones waiting for us. Fresh delivered from the Netherlands! we had to replace our old AGM Mastervolts by new AGM Victrons. Due to the available space and required Amps we had to switch to the Victrons. But also because Tilikum (Frederic Moser) made us a good offer and we know he's very reliable and knows about boats and electricity! After arriving to Le Marin we made an appointment with him and within a couple of days the old ones were replaced. In the same time we also replaced our 2010 solarpanels for new 100 watt 72 cell panels. Witch proved to be a big improvement. Now we could power up for Christmas and New Year!

Christmas can be so.........tiring onboard So.........tirius!