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maandag 23 mei 2016

Tobago Cays

Friday March 11 we set sail for Tobago Cays. The destination Yvonne was longing to go to, and not without reason. It's one of the highlights in the eastern part of the Caribbean. The water has this turqoise color we all seem to appreciate. We stayed a little longer in Bequia because there was a bit too much wind up in the Cays. But today we only have 8-10 knots so we have to keep the engine in forward. It's 13.00 hrs when we arrive in the Cays. The same afternoon we go out snorkeling on the reef. Yvonne is having a great time and so are we. We only stay one day so we can also visit Mayreau, Petit St. Vincent and Union before Yvonne is on our way home again.