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dinsdag 24 mei 2016

Hugo's bad fortune

On march 22 while being at Chateau Mygo, bar and restaurant located in Marigoy Bay, Hugo gets bitten by a mean dog. We're sitting on a barstool and so is Hugo, when this big dog comes running into the bar area. He directly runs towards Hugo and before we can do anything the dog grabs Hugo by the inside of his left hind leg. We can prevent the attacker to really bite but his teeth scratch open the skin and a big wound is the result. Fortunately it's not bleeding. Irene rushes off to the only vet that was available this evening. When she comes back, Hugo is slowly getting back to live after being sedated for the stitching. The stitching looks bad. The vet used fishing line as it turns out. A couple of days later the wound is fully open again. The stitching didn't hold. We just bumped into the worst vet on the Island. They can't stitch it again, so now Hugo has to wait untill it all grows back together. He's a brave dog, carrying his misfortune as if nothing happened. In total it will take more than 4 weeks before he's back to normal. The vet in St.Martin was a great help. It all healed very well in the end. There's a little bit of a scar. But hey he's a ship's dog not a sissy.