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maandag 23 mei 2016

Final Stop, Union Island

After leaving PSV we head over to Union Island. I call it Pirate Alley. But that's only because all off the buzz generated by the local vendors in their fast boats running off and on to the Tobago Cays. They don't want to miss out on any opportunity to sell T-shirts, lobster, bread or anything you might be interested in. The lobster is the new moneymaker. They prefer to sell you the lobster as a BBQ night out on off the small beaches around the cays. They cook it fresh for you, but there's a price to pay as allways;-). We have to try and organise Yvonne's travel itineray. She will travel by watertaxi to Carriacou and then onwards by small plane to Grenada where she will board her BA flight to London. From London to Turkey where her husband Dico will pick her up to travel the last hour back to where theire own boat is anchored. Puff, yeah exactly, that's also the boatname. It was good fun having Yvonne on board these 16 days. She knows her way around a sailingboat and has a great way with people. See you next time Yvonne!