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zaterdag 19 maart 2016

The turtle walk

Irene and Yvonne did the walk up to the Bequia turtle farm called the Old Hegg. For us it's always the nicest walk on the Island. I stayed behind because Hugo is not allowed of the boat. Although on a friday a vet comes to Bequia to treat the local island pets, he's not allowed to check on pets that are waiting for an import permit. I find that difficult to understand especially when they tell us they're so understaffed. Since we didn't want to go into Young Island due to incidents over the past years, Hugo has to stay on the boat. He'll live. The turtle walk takes you through coconut plantations, hidden beaches, little hideaways and gives you some of the best views on the Island.
If you want to see what the Old Hegg looks like go to one of older posts about Bequia.