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zaterdag 19 maart 2016

Speeding up to Bequia

Sunday march 6 we leave Marigot around 4.30 am. We have a nice daysail ahead of us. Approximately 65 nautical miles to Bequia. At first we motor up towards the Pitons. When we get there it's sunrise. A little while later we can set sail. During the day we have between 13 and 18 knots of easterly winds. It gives us more than enough speed for a comfortable crossing. Because we also have a favourable current we easily reach speeds of 8 knots. Behind the island of St. Vincent every now and then we turn on the engine due to the lack of wind. When we pass Wallilabou al seems very quiet. We see one boat but no activities. When we turn on the radio while anchored in Bequia the next day, there's a lot discussion going on about this last unfortunate robbery. We decided to pick up a mooring deep into the bay in front of the Whaleboner bar. A man called Bequia in his boat Flamingo puts us on the mooring. Over the coming days a northerly swell will come into Admiralty Bay and we're not looking forward to a rolling boat while anchored at the entrance of the bay. As soon as we're moored I'm off to Customs. It's sunday so unfortunately we have to pay overtime. The clearance and cruising fees ad up to a total of 230 east caribbean dollars or approximately 77 euro's.