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donderdag 10 maart 2016

Screwdriver start

You use the screwdriver on two of the red connectors
on this solenoid
After the last item, not to be mistaken for the screwdriver drink.
When leaving Grand Anse we first had to start our engine differently. This time it would not start at all. After talking to a mechanic in Le Marin he told me to start the engine with a large screwdriver. It's too difficult to explain in English but it works. You use the screwdriver to make a connection between two points and you completely ignore what normally goes on when turning the key. You just overrule everything like short wiring a car to start. So after this early morning screwdriver event we were on our way to St.Anne and onwards to Le Marin. We needed a mechanic to sort our ignition problems. Well, to keep a long story short, he did. The electrical failure was in the electric cables that go into our gear/throttle leaverbox. This is to prevent you from starting when the engine is in gear. The cable inside the stainless steal pedestal was short-circuiting. But not all the time. That's why we were able to start the engine again after a while just coinciding with some repairwork I did of which I thought it had solved the problem. Haha, how wrong can you be. So, after cutting off these white cables and connecting them directly without going to the gearbox lever first, the mechanic started the engine smoothly. Big smile on his face, it took him also some time to locate the problem. 
Note: being in Bequia where I update the blog, two days ago I removed the old cable from the pedestal and put in new ones. The old one indeed showed a bad part, almost broken. The ignition is back to the way it should be and in good working order.