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donderdag 10 maart 2016

Portsmouth Dominica

Tuesday febr. 9 we leave the Saints and head towards Portsmouth. It's a sunny day but a gusty wind. Just outside the Saints the chop hits us in the face. wind's gusting up to 29 knots. Portsmouth is a bit upwind. But, the good news is we don't have to tack. We have a very good sail. Being exposed to the sun a little bit too much gives me a reddish appearance. Ah, well it'll shave off. When we are close to Rupert Bay and want to start the engine it remains very quiet down the companion way.  Try again, nothing. After a couple of times trying and checking some electric connections she fires up and we can motor in to the anchorage. We're welcomed by one of the boatboys, we explain we're only in transit and won't be doing any tours.
"No problem" he says, "welcome to Dominica". He goes on with his business and is already assisting one of the other incoming boats. Tomorrow I'll have a look why the engine didn't want to start.