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donderdag 10 maart 2016

On our way to St.Pierre

This morning the engine starts as it should. Turn the ignition and listen to the smooth running engine coming to live. Yesterday, after freeing several connectors from some corrosion everything was back to normal. It's 6.30 AM, the sun's rising up over the hills and we're on our way to St.Pierre, Martinique. Today's wind will be around 15 knots, gusting 20 ad 90 degrees so more or less east which will give us a nice windangle towards St.Pierre. But for the moment it's the engine taking care of progress. Not much wind until we get to the very south of Dominica. We've the watermaker running, the fishingline out and the autopilot on.
After passing Rousseau we set sail and plot our course towards St.Pierre. A couple of miles south of the island the fishingline goes, the sound we like so much. But the happiness dies instantly when I try to put just a little bit of brake on the line. We're doing over 7 knots and the line brakes! Too big a fish this time. Another lure gone. After approximately 55 nautical miles we reach our destination. Surprise, surprise again no engine! There must something else than just here and there corroded connections. After several attempts and working with the Pathmakersystem, the engine kick's in and we decide to continue to Grand Anse to get some professional support in identifying our electrical problem. We have a favorable wind but keep the engine running. At 6 PM we're anchored at Grand Anse. Let's see if we can get some assistance. The fisherman looks happy with his catch, wish I could start cleaning mine.