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donderdag 10 maart 2016

Martinique golfcourse

It was a god day to go out for a round of golf. Going ashore with our dinghy we had to wade the last part. so we arrived bare footed on the course. After putting on some shoes we walked up from the 14th to the 1st and to the clubhouse. A walk with some true caribbean showers playing with us. We managed to stay reasonably dry. Renting clubs and a trolley was easy and for a total fee of 40 euro's each we could go out and play. Star of the day was Irene with a good score of 35 stableford. Victoire and I were trailing far behind. For cruisers like us it's the best value for money golfcourse in the area. Victoire enjoyed her day with her local rented driver. Normally, she told us, she's not using one. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed being out and playing golf. Edward is a non-golfer and looked after Hugo. Edward's lunch was memorable as he sometimes feels the urge to order something he really doesn't know. This time it was not his lucky day.