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donderdag 10 maart 2016

Hike to Anse Saline Beach

As always, we take friends out on the hike to Anse Saline. One of the most beautiful beaches of Martinique. It's a pleasant walk with lots of things to see and people to meet. You always walk close to the waterfront, walk the cliffs, the beaches, the meeting points, the mangrove, the woods to end up on Saline beach. This time we were just in time to be able to get the last drink for the day. The beach dies out around 4 PM and that's when the little restaurants close aswell. So, we had a quick beer and headed back to St.Anne. It's about a 75 minute walk and we wanted to be back before dark. Along the trail you have some spectacular views on all the anchored boats in front of St.Anne and the Diamant Rock to the north. Our maltese dog Hugo was with us all the time and he did very well, he walked the whole distance by himself. We notice that he's a bit older and stronger now and isn't tired that easy anymore. Getting back to the boat from the St.Anne beach we had the best Green Flash Sunset ever. Probably an empty bottle of Heineken just bobbing in the ocean in front of the sunset.