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vrijdag 5 februari 2016


From  September through to end November we had several friends coming over to enjoy the Alboaire hospitality. At first we had Marco and Hans, old friends from our schooldays in Maastricht. They have demanding jobs and are just able to break out for a couple of days. All of them are spend golfing on the Old and New course. We do enjoy the occasional drinks and dinner moments together sharing the latest of the gossip and their successes in business. The last day is well spend while playing 36 holes. Sometimes that feels like running golf. After these thrilling and breathtaking days we prepared ourselves for Ben and Gre's visit. This time they visited friends up north on the Spanish
Mediterranean coast before they drove up to us.We stayed in the Sotogrande area  and had a wonderfull couple of days together. It's always a pleasure when they come and visit us. To close off our season Carla and Clemens stayed with us during the last few days of November and the first ones of December. We went to see Jerez and Ronda. Especially the drive up to Ronda following the mountain roads was a pleasant one. They brought al kinds of goodies from the Netherlands that we so much enjoy. After they left our time to leave also closed in rapidly. Mid December we
closed up and left to visit friends and family for the upcoming holiday season. But before we did we went to see the Christmas decorations in Malaga, where we bumped into Mr. Rajoy who was out on an election trip. The last two days before we left for the Netherlands we had some glorious weather. We said goodbye having a nice lunch at the Sotogrande Marina.