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zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Spending time in Terre-de-Haut

We're in no hurry what so ever. We want to be in Martinique by the 15th of February and won't stay in Dominica on our way south. The 19th are Edward and Victoire visiting us while in Martinique. Here in TdH we have everything at hand. It's a nice relaxed town allthough in the mornings crowded with visitors coming by ferry from Guadeloupe. You can make nice walks, visit some of the beaches, enjoy some good views, visit the old fort, rent a scooter, go diving, you name it. There are a couple of waterfront restaurants, nothing big but nice, and some with good food. Staying on one of the moorings is for our boat 10 euro a night. There's always something going on on the water, boats coming in, cruiseships from the Starclipper company, big yachts overnighting, fishermen going out and returning           
with their catch of the day. If you want peace and quiet you'll have to look elsewhere.