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zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Sailing to the Deshaies, Guadeloupe

On January 31st we left Antigua for Guadeloupe. We had a great first day out. Very good sailing weather. 16-22 knots of breeze, easterly, no squals, sunny, perfect. We made good progress, the 45 nautical miles slided away easily. We had a fishing line out. This time a handline, with a bungy to show if you've got a catch. But at times we we're sailing at 7.8 to 8 knots and missed out on the action that did happen on the lure. When we were close to Deshaies we brought the line back in, thinking nothing happened. Then we saw that the line was bitten of and the new lure gone. What a shame we missed it. It would have been a nice catch. Next time back to the fishing rod and reel.
When we wanted to start our procedure for turning into the anchorage the engine wouldn't start. Nothing, no sound no nothing. Obviously some electric malfunction, somewhere. Without the engine we decided it too difficult to go and try anchoring in the crowded Deshaies anchorage. We sailed onwards towards the south of the Island to get a tow into a berth at the Marina. but when we gave it a last try the engine started and we kept it running untill we were anchored in Deshaies. The next morning after looking at several malfunction options we found the problem in corroded contacts on the starter relais. Corrosion is often a source of electric failure. A couple of days later we had a similar problem with the watermaker, once you're able to locate it it's an easy repair.