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vrijdag 5 februari 2016

Christmas and New Year

Astrid preparing for dinner
We decided to spend Christmas and New Year in the Netherlands before our departure to Antigua early January. The 15th we were back in Best to visit Irene's parents. All was well and they were very happy to have us back. The same goes for Irene's sister Astrid and her family. Will and I went to the casino and saw some movies. Irene spend some quality time with her sister. I was able to help out on some minor repairs around Irene's parents home, and the boys Bas and Daan were thrilled to see us ;-) as ever. We had a wonderfull Christmas dinner at home with Irene's parents and a wonderfull Turkey on boxing day, hosted by Astrid.
A lot of presents
The 27th we had a late "Sinterklaas avond" with Gert and Monique and their daughters Jonne and Roline and their boyfriends Jelle and Jeroen. It was a great evening with a lovely dinner and fantastic presents. The best for us was a very playfull sculpture of a tiny dog which we very much appreciated. We celebrated New Year's eve with Harrie and Wilma. It was a great evening. After a short visit to Gert and Monique to wish them a happy new year, we enjoyed a "cooked by Edward and Theo" dinner with our friends Edward and Victoire. Not as big a success as Edward and I had hoped for, but
Roline our selfie Queen
still....we're improving. The company was terrific.

Then followed the best pancake lunch we've had in ages. We met with my brother, his wife Wilma and their youngest Joshua. Daniel the eldest, was visiting his aunt. We hadn't seen them since February. It was so good to hear all the latest, it will be a while before we see them again. On January 5th  I had a short playfull meeting with my uncles Joop, Ben, Theo and good friend of the family Joop van Dijk to finish that special afternoon with a visit to the local Chinese Restaurant. Our last event was a lovely dinner party hosted by our dear friend Harrie who was just about to retire after a 42 year career. He's joining ranks with some of his other pensionado friends. Boy, was he looking forward to this. Speaking of looking forward to things, Caribbean, we're on our way!
The real thing
The Sculpture